How It Came To Be

T2 Challenge is the collaborative brainchild of T2 Table Tennis League and USA Table Tennis. Birthed forth during the midst of COVID-19, T2 Challenge was meant to experiment with the future of events partnership inspite of geological distance.

Season 1 kicked off with the participation of 22 members of Team USA competing against each other in a team format, covering 4 different cities in the US - New York, Houston, North and South California.

Following the success of Season 1, T2 and USATT believe that the T2 Match format which consist of : 

  • 24-minute game play

  • Best FOUR of SEVEN games

  • FAST5

should be embraced by US Table Tennis community hence prompting the kick-start of T2 Challenge Season 2.​

This time, thirty-two table tennis athlete from across Texas, California State, Ohio, North Carolina and New York have been selected to compete in a format which requires both teamwork and the fight for individual bragging rights.

Divided into Team Alpha and Team Omega, with sixteen players on each side, these athletes will face-off in battles to accumulate the most winning points as only the members of the winning team will advance to the Final T2 Challenge event.

T2 Challenge Season 2 will premiere on T2 Table Tennis League's YouTube channel and USATT's Facebook page from March 2021 onwards.

A Word From The Founder


Frank Ji


"I am elated that this partnership with USATT has been fruitful and is gearing towards yet another season and is now being accepted and played by a wide range of participants in the US. When we innovate the sport, we have no intention to only keep it within the professional players, but we want the T2 Match Format to be at the top of mind of every table tennis enthusiast. The rules are clear and simple, and it is meant to spur the people who play to think more strategically and play faster.”